Witness Lee on the local church
Witness Lee on the local church


Nature of a local church

Ground of a local church

Condition of a local church

Fellowship of the local churches


  1. The Nature, Ground, and Condition of a Local Church
    1. The Nature
      1. The Church of God—Possessing the Divine Nature of God
      2. The Churches of Christ—Being in the Element of Christ
    2. The Ground
      1. The Genuine Oneness of the Body of Christ—the Oneness of the Spirit
      2. In the Limit of the Boundary and Jurisdiction of a Locality—the Ground of Locality
    3. The Condition
  2. The Fellowship of the Churches
    1. The Body of Christ Being Uniquely One Universally
    2. The Fellowship of the Local Churches
      1. Each Local Church Needing to Fellowship with All the Genuine Local Churches on the Whole Earth
      2. Every Local Church Needing to Receive All Kinds of Genuine Believers in Christ
      3. A Believer to Be Kept Away from the Fellowship of a Local Church if Committing Gross Sins and Living in Them
    3. How to Deal with the Divisions
      1. Not Recommending That Any Believer in the Local Churches Have Any Share in the Divisions
      2. Not Rejecting Any Believer Who Does Not Promote Anything Divisive, but Considering as Divisive and Rejecting Anyone Who Promotes Sectarian Divisions
  3. The Discerning of the One Body